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Annual Alumni Get-together 
From Shanghai to Singapore, Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City, Bali to New Delhi, one phrase will resound as men and women raise their glasses and say, ?Cheers to NUS Business School! Happy 45th Anniversary and more good years ahead!? But what will it all mean to Alumni and what is its significance to the Business School?

We find out 

You've probably heard the tale often enough; the burnt out highflyer who has a large bank account but feels unfulfilled in the rat race. So how to get more out of life and enjoy what we do everyday?

Live Your Dreams

As many young professionals and entrepreneurs aspire to enjoy fulfillment and satisfaction, it is heartening to know that there are people who have achieved those goals, living life to the fullest, whether on the job or on a personal level. Their secret?
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Livin' it up!


Leaving a Worthwhile Legacy

says Benny Koh

Benny Koh (BBA 1994) started in the job market with Citibank before moving on to a couple more global companies, and finally settling into GE in 1999. Today he is Managing Director of Investor Marketing at GE Capital. So in all the ebb and flow of his 15-year professional life, does he feel fulfilled?

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Thank God it?s Monday!

says Michael Goh

It has been 10 years since Michael Goh (BBA (Hons) 1999) graduated from NUS Business School and started working for Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd. In all this time, he has always looked forward to going to work every morning. He shares why his job is so fulfilling.

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04 March
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20 March
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CEO Unplugged
23 March
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2010 Gobi Desert Challenge
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