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Annual Alumni Get-together 
A new tradition was created as The Alumni Conference, an idea conceived by Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean of the NUS Business School, rode on the back of the School's traditional Oktoberfest celebration...

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What exactly is involved in the process of venturing overseas for one?s career? Is it as simple or as stressful as one would imagine? Thirteen alumni share their thoughts on making the move.

Working Across


Explore Singapore
Foreigners make up a significant number among our MBA students. With varying backgrounds and cultures, coming to Singapore presents challenges itself.
 What's in store for them?


IMBA 10th Anniversary Symposium & Dinner in Beijing
The National University of Singapore Business School and Guanghua School of Management, Peking University affirm 10 years of strong partnership with each other.
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NUS-SPRING-SBF Business Advisors
Program Update

The Business Advisors Program is jointly-initiated by NUS Business School Alumni Association and Singapore Business Federation.
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Personal Evolution within Industry

Ian Wong (BBA 1989)

Ian Wong has been a banker for 20 years, since joining Development Bank of Singapore after graduating from NUS Business School in 1989. His journey has taken him into Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank and now, Bank of America (BOA). He is currently Managing Director, China, for BOA. The fact that he has stayed in the same industry does not mean he is averse to adventure.

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Rolling Stone Gathers Moss with
Paradigm Shift

Maurice Tan (BBA 1991)

He opened McDonald's first restaurant in China just one year after graduating from NUS. Embracing that challenge is a hallmark of the way Maurice Tan (BBA 1991) has carved his career in developing innovative marketing and business solutions for MNCs in China; he has been with Pepsi, Mars, Goodyear and Nokia in China. 19 years on, Maurice is acknowledged as an expert on business in China.

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In the 80's and 90's, when the local talent market was not as sophisticated, MNCs parachuted their top managers into Asia to lead and grow their businesses. Today, with an increasingly-globalized talent pool readily on hand, are these "overpaid nannies still relevant?

Worse yet, after the global financial crisis, fresh international talents (those not already resident in Singapore) are willing to come in on local terms, taking away jobs from equally-qualified local grads and senior management. How do we contend with these incoming international talents in Singapore's workforce?

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